Listen to flavors and question everything. To create with AI, humans need to give it context. Co-creation between human and machine can inspire new ideas, but will always need the human touch for emotionally cohesive output.


As a soulful music artist heavily inspired by technology, Portrait XO explores multiple dimensions as a singer/songwriter/producer/installation artist with a humanistic, emotional, and scientific approach to challenge new ways of co-creating. Her latest piece ‘_______ __ _ WIRE’ is a neural vocal duet in collaboration with DADABOTS x VanTa supported by Factory Berlin – where she debuted her AI performance at sold-out event ‘THE CREATIVE CODE’ on May 29th 2019. She is the inaugural resident artist at Factory Berlin exploring all the possibilities of where we can go with AI, sound, and interactive media.





  • November 2019: Eufonia Festival

  • October 2019: ADE panelist + performer ‘Futuristic Technologies for Musical Expression’ presented by ROLI (Oct 19)

  • September 2019: TRANS-LATE - Live at Village Underground, Lisbon (Sept 28)

  • September 2019: Reeperbahn Festival Panelist ‘AI music Services Today And Tomorrow’ (September 18)

  • September 2019: Night Embassy Residency by Jagermeister (Sept 6-17)

  • August 2019: Sounds for digital installation by Eloise Knights - Adidas x Zalando at HVW8 Berlin

  • July 2019: Sonar+D – AI and Music demo + Why Diversity Creates Innovation presentation

  • July 2019: Tech Open Air – Mental Health for Creatives Workshop, Battle of Sounds, Panel Discussion - Art & Science, AR/VR installation ‘Synthesis’ feat. Opashona Gosh

  • June 2019: Co-Living Festival

  • May 2019: Factory Berlin – The Creative Code AI 4 piece performance

  • May 2019: Performance at Redbull Music Studios Berlin – with ALXNDR LONDON

  • May 2019: Factory Berlin – ‘Sounds of Home’ installation in collaboration with Space and Pepper

  • May 2019: Factory Berlin Artist Residency + Interview

  • April 2019: Alternative Power 100 Music List 2019 honoree

  • March 2019: Factory Berlin – interactive synaesthesia installation in collaboration with Phoebe & The Gang + InFarm

  • March 2019: Sofar Sounds x VONDER International Women’s Day performance 

  • January 2019: Sound Tasting in collaboration with Factory Berlin – Vorspiel TM:CTM Festival 2019 

  • December 2018: Macromedia University – ‘The Freegees’ Presentation/Performance

  • November 2018: Emergent Festival – Sound Tasting Experience + The Freegees presentation

  • November 2018: Kultur Projekte – Storytelling Workshop

  • October 2018: DICE Festival – Career Development Workshop + Panel Moderator ‘Sound Minds: Reclaiming Mental Health’

  • October 2018: The Freegees ethical music campaign for The UN World Food Programme ‘ShareTheMeal’

  • September 2018: Sample Music Festival, Berlin – panel discussion ‘Gender equality in music industry’

  • September 2018 – Selected ‘Woman in the lead’ Music Tech Fest Stockholm.  #MTFPlayground with Kim Bjorn & Lars Juhl.

  • August 2018: SAE Institute Berlin – keynote performance/presentation

  • July 2018: Performance at SESH.IO

  • June 2018: Performance/presentation – Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with Joel Salinas, MD - Harvard Medical School

  • May 2018: Featured in VoyageLA magazine – LA’S MOST INSPIRING STORIES - ECHO PARK

  • March 2018: Creative Director/Featured Music Artist for new innovative product launch by Novalia ‘Piano Book’. 

  • March 2018: Grand Prize & AR/VR for Good winner in #CreatingReality Hackathon with Team Synthesis. 

  • February 2018: Interactive Novalia installation for Joel Salinas, MD Harvard Neurologist at sold-out event: Neurodiversity Project San Francisco, CA. 

  • October 2017: Art Director/Content Creator/ Music Artist for Kickstarter funded Synesthesia Dance Experience: 4D Multisensory Show #SDE2017. 

  • October 2017: Interactive Synaesthetic Installation at LA-Berlin Festival 

  • October 2017: Founding Member of The IASAS

  • March 2017: UK Feature Film score ‘The Murderers’ 

  • July 2017: Launch SAMPLEnHOLD - electronic music night Los Angeles, CA

  • January 2017: ROLI documentary feature  

  • June 2015: Award of Merit - Accolade Global Film Competition ‘Tremble’ music video 

  • September 2015: Nocturnal Wonderland Festival – Interactive installation with Novalia

  • December 2015: ‘Hypnothesia’ Synaesthetic sound tasting performance at Eurobest International Festival of Creativity with BBC Tech Presenter / Composer LJ Rich 

  • November 2014: Performance – Music Tech Fest Paris

  • May 2014: Performance – Music Tech Fest Berlin